Pink Hearse

On Time

I went down into the woods to be alone

I sat down on a blanket of dead pine needles

I fixed my eyes on a thick tree trunk

With vines like veins

Wrapping around and around


I softened my gaze

I released my thoughts

I tried to leave my body

without success

And the vines were watching as they climbed.

They giggled for they understood

I didn’t even know

What they really were


Head tilted I squinted real hard but still,

They wouldn’t dance for me



I sat for—I don’t know

For weeks, for months

You don’t know where in time you are

Until you notice

How long your fingernails have become


And with the labored passing of my time

Came new time

So slowly I began growing moss on the tips of my ears

And the fleshy underside of my folded legs

But I kept still and watched with eyes that bulged and

Strained in their sockets

As mountains sailed through rock like tremendous ships

As trees leaned on their neighbors

As flowers snuck home at first sight of the moon,

Who was busy dancing around the stars in circles


And I couldn’t help but wonder how much happens

Between the moment you say my name

And the moment it reaches my ear.

I couldn’t help but wonder,

How many lifetimes could go by

In the time it would take to tell you I love you

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