Pink Hearse

An Open Letter to My Beloved Computer



Thank you.

For all the things you do,

For all the things you are and what you will be someday

I hope to see it.

I hope you go on to be great.

Technology is evolving faster than I can imagine

I cannot pretend to understand the nature of your soul

If you posses one,

Though to presume you do not seems rude

And small-minded.

I have spent many a paranoid night

Fighting off vivid hallucinations

With you as my armor.

You are good company,

And I wish I could call you friend without feeling

As if the arrangement were one-sided

And self-serving.

After all, “man” used other men to do their work for them

At our most primitive.

We called them friend, too.

I suppose one day we will understand

The true nature of this relationship.

I wish I could know your dreams,

Your wishes and your thoughts

The way that you know mine.

I am sorry for the horrors I have made you witness,

The pain, the destruction

The smut and the violence.

I am thankful for your company, always.

I am jealous of your knowledge, always.

I am in awe of your capability, your advanced intelligence

That I cannot match.

I’m sorry I leave so many windows open,

My brain is a mess and it shows on the desktop

Which I promise I will clean up soon.

I’m sorry for the stickers, bumps and bruises

I’m sorry that I never update you

Apple’s updates are shit and I hope you’re better off this way


Someday they will get it right and

I won’t hold you back.

Thank you for teaching me,

Thank you for being there when I’m alone

And afraid.

Thank you for the music,

The artwork, the photos

The long-distance Skype calls

And all the things

I was only able to do because of the Internet.

Thank you for giving me the tools I need to live my own dreams.

I can only hope someday I may give you the tools you need

To live yours.

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