Pink Hearse

I Don’t Think “Real Life” is Really Life

Why are we at such disharmony with our world?

Why are the things we are told we should strive for

So against our human nature?

We are jealous, afraid, twisted and self-centered

But we in spiritual circles praise those who have worked to be

Selfless, generous, fearless…

What is the nature of our existence in human bodies?

Why are we bound to a flesh and blood vehicle

When in our dreams we fly and create entire worlds?

As formless beings we are free and creative

In our flesh we are anxious and self-doubting.

Surely if the soul exists the human body cannot be its home.

I itch beneath my skin,

I was born with a limitless imagination

That fits my limited body poorly.

So then who are we?

What is this place we consider “real life?”

There are many human-created establishments

Where one can go to improve oneself

Or to amuse oneself with a game whose objective

Is to get the most or the least of something,

To get from one point to another point

In space, time or status.

These ridiculous physical bodies serve a purpose we are somehow

Unaware of.

One may ask “why are we here?”

But maybe a better place to start would be

“Why and how do we not know why we are here?”

Did we forget? Did we ever know?

Was the answer forcibly taken from us

Or did we choose to give it away?

I think we are a video game.

I think we are a school.

I think we are an intergalactic prison.

I think we’re a simulation of reality

Or a reflection of another dimension,

Or a testing lab.

I think we’re where you go after you die.

But I don’t know.

And I’ve learned what you don’t know can hurt you.

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