Pink Hearse

There Is Enough

The human urge to cling desperately to anything of value

Lest it be stolen or destroyed

Is inherently destructive and quite unnecessary.

Things have value only because we give them value.

A collector’s edition Barbie doll is worth nothing after the end of days.


Ignoring the glorified pissing contest that is the free market for a second,

I can safely say that in this world almost


Everyone needs money to be happy

Because you need money to feed and clothe yourself and your family.

You need money to be safe, to achieve your dreams, to indulge your hobbies…

But if you already had everything you needed to make you happy

What value would money really hold?

Happiness and love are what are truly valuable to us.

All evil in the world comes from people who aren’t loved enough by themselves or others,

People who are afraid of not being loved or of losing love

Or people who think they have a limited amount of love to give away.

And when evil people see the way that people react to their actions,

Their fears are affirmed.

There is no love for them to be found anywhere.

This is what causes addiction to anything,

Including money.

We are not fighting our own people

But declaring war on our own tail.

Truly the only way to fight darkness is with light.

You must love so relentlessly that those who would harm you will melt.

There is enough love for everyone here.

It is the only thing that will heal the broken Earth.

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