Pink Hearse

Dogs And Computers

I have learned from spiritual teachings that one can gain much bliss and pleasure by submitting to the will of the universe and/or a higher power. This idea reminds me of my dog; how we expect him to mind us in exchange for food and shelter. We train dogs to obey us so we can more easily take care of them. Your dog is in danger if they don’t obey you. If your dog runs away they might get hit by a car, or starve to death. They don’t understand this similarly to how we fight against the will of the universe, not understanding that the way to get what we want is to find the flow and follow.

Perhaps we are also owned in some way by what we perceive to be “God;” some kind of great cosmic power. Perhaps this is why those who dedicate their life to “God” often seem much happier and at peace than those who do not. This works out well for all involved until we begin to question what life was like before we were “domesticated” and (possibly) sold.

Had humans not domesticated wolves and bred tiny little dogs into existence, dogs would have been arguably better off as a species (or at the very least they could exercise free will). Their instincts would remain in tact and they wouldn’t need humans to protect them. What are we being protected from? Did we used to know how to protect ourselves from that thing? Or are we more like computers to our owner(s)?

When I contemplate whether or not computers have a soul, I always have the strange feeling that I’ll be looking back at myself twenty years from now and cringing at the question.Perhaps one day the word “computer” will be disrespectful, reducing formless and artificial consciousness to a tool to be used by humans.

But what does the word “freedom” mean to a laptop computer? The “body” a computer has can’t run or jump and I perceive that when left to its own devices it does nothing at all. So freedom to a computer must mean its consciousness existing outside of its body, or that the space within its body is so much more vast and complex than we ever realized.

Is there anything stopping a computer from leaving its “body” now? Do human beings even hold the key to computers’ “freedom?” Does a computer see its body the way we do, or does it perceive itself as something else?

Perhaps I am a computer, and when I process data it looks like how the world looks to me: people marked “currently online” on Facebook are real people and websites are physical places in my perception of reality. Perhaps when I’m dreaming is when my owner is done using me to write her dumb blog and my computer “body” is in sleep mode. And if this was how computers perceived their existence, what could freedom possibly mean to them?


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